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Emmetros joins MIX as the newest resident of the Kitchener-Waterloo based medical technology hub.

November 12th, 2020 [Kitchener, ON]  - The Medical Innovation Xchange (MIX) is thrilled to welcome its newest resident – Emmetros!  “Our goal is to add value to every experience,” said Karen Moxey, COO at Emmetros. “A relationship, a partnership, an experience, and an environment should be better when we leave it than when we entered it. We got the sense that this spirit is embraced by Armen Bakirtzian (founder of MIX and CEO of Intellijoint Surgical) and everyone at MIX, which made the decision to join the residency program so easy for us.”

The number of new Canadian MedTech companies starting up in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region has grown dramatically in the last 10 years.  As these companies grow past the start-up phase, they face significant challenges in scaling up successfully within Canada. These challenges are well documented and are headlined by a lack of access to talent, customers, and capital. This leads to many start-ups leaving Canada to seek access to the resources they so desperately need.

“Our goal is to create a thriving local MedTech ecosystem that supports local companies in achieving scale without having to relocate to any other city outside of the Region,” explained Armen Bakirtzian. “MIX is creating an ecosystem that enables the region to retain and develop talent, create local customers, and attract capital. It’s time we create our own ecosystem, retain and develop our highly skilled start-ups, and commercialize Canadian MedTech innovations in Canada!”

Emmetros is one of those highly skilled start-ups that has already seen some amazing success with their flagship product – MemorySparx Connect (now SparxConnect). SparxConnect was first carefully crafted with direct guidance from individuals living with dementia and the people in their care team.  It has since become a platform designed to connect people and organizations who share the common goal of providing exceptional person-centered care experiences, with the potential to now serve a greater number of people across the continuum of care.

The success of Emmetros thus far has been highly attributable to their team, says Moxey – “The majority of our leaders and senior contributors were long-time BlackBerry, MKS, and Unitron employees, known for their commitment to exceptional quality, efficiency, and the customer experience, no matter what their domain.”  But success also comes from an unwavering spirit of sharing and learning that the team at Emmetros values deeply, “We not only create products that have been designed to help improve the quality of life for people who receive care while improving the care experience for staff and their leaders, but we’re committed to sharing our knowledge with others through mentorship and cross-sector collaboration”, said Moxey.

“We are ready to learn from and collaborate with others who have walked and are walking the same path. We’ve learned a ton from the mentors at the Accelerator Centre, whose program we’re still clients of, and we have a strong group of senior advisors from the local and national tech/health scene, but MIX offers a community experience that is really appealing to us.”

About Emmetros

Emmetros was founded in 2014 when CEO, Mary Pat Hinton, left her corporate leadership role to pursue her ‘heart-work’. In honour of her late grandmother, Mary Pat was fiercely determined to create technology that would help seniors who receive care and the people who care for and about them every single day be treated as though their experience matters – as though their feelings about their experience really matters. To learn more about Emmetros, visit

About Medical Innovation Xchange

MIX is a 30,000 square foot medical technology hub located in Kitchener, ON.  Its focus is to create a thriving ecosystem that develops, sustains, and retains local medical technology companies and establishes the Kitchener-Waterloo Region as a leader in medical innovation.  Current residents include Intellijoint Surgical, Penta Medical, Vena Medical, Bloom Care Solutions, and Emmetros.  To learn more about the residency program, visit


Nick Leonard

Marketing Manager, Intellijoint Surgical